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The fun doesn't end with exciting ideas like launching spacecraft from Michigan, space entrepreneurship, and cutting-edge space technology.  Traverse City is a world-class hub for entertainment, dining, outdoor activities, and boasts some of the country's best vineyards.  Feel free to use some of our references to plan your time away from the symposium:


There is a wide variety of art on exhibit in Traverse City.  Culturally vibrant, expressive, and intriguing, spending some time indulging in the local art scene is a great way to switch gears outside of the space forum.  Find some suggestions here.


Northern Michigan is home to the best four-season environment found anywhere.  Around the time of the forum, Mother Nature will be kicking things into high gear and ramping up for the summer — a great time to be outside.  TART Trails is a fantastic resource for finding a hike that suits you.

Food and Drink

When your city is built on ideals of health, hard work, and community involvement, a great food and drink scene is sure to follow.  Your options will be seemingly endless, but you can use this article to narrow down your list.

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